Translation, Editing and Proofreading

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Is your document intended for Spain, Mexico, Chile or the entire U.S.? We can tailor the foreign language text to specific audiences or to a general audience for wide spread distribution and deliver the highest quality, most cost-effective end product.

Our translators and editors are highly trained professionals with many years of experience, and are native speakers of the target language. We all know that translation is an art and that not anyone can produce an end product that is accurate, and reads as if originally written in the foreign language. That is why you need a professional translator who is an expert in the language, the subject area, and the culture.

Regardless of your target audience or subject area, our demanding quality control methods ensure your translations are accurate and effective. That is why we have a team of translators, editors and proofreaders that provide their expertise to complete your project successfully.

Web Site Translation

Most people in the world access the Internet in their own language. If your web site is in English only, millions of potential customers may never hear about your business. Translate your web site into a foreign language, and your company’s message will be heard across the world.More about Translation Agency UK

Your marketing department can disseminate information about your company from one central location, resulting in greater consistency in branding, content and quality.

Rapidly changing content can be revised quickly and efficiently, without the need to print and distribute new advertising material. Overseas clients have instant access to company catalog materials and can place orders directly over the Web.

What companies are good candidates for web site translation? The answer is simple; every company with potential customers in, or visitors from, a non-English speaking country. Companies with no international presence, but with products that can be shipped directly to the customer can expand into international markets quickly. In addition, resorts, hotels and other businesses can expand their client base by reaching out to potential overseas clients through a localized web site.

Video Script Translation

Foreign-language videos are one of the most effective ways to relay your business message to clients and colleagues whose mother tongue is not English. Whether you need to market or sell to your clients overseas, train employees in Spanish-speaking countries or in the U.S. or tell international distributors about new products, addressing your audiences in their own language is the best form of communication. We have vast experience in video transcription, translation, editing, timing and studio production for Spanish video voice-overs.

Terminology Glossaries

Bilingual terminology glossaries are extremely important and are essential for maintaining consistency especially in large translation projects or series of publications with related subjects. The creation and maintenance of the glossaries is a great translation tool and can help achieve the highest consistency and accuracy in a large translation project.

Tape Transcription

If you have recorded words on tape, whether they are from conversations, interviews, depositions or seminars, you can have them transcribed into precise written documents. You might need transcripts in English only, Spanish only, or both languages side by side for easy reference.