Strength training with the method Matevo

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Today we talk about training methods to tone the muscles and do it with the method Matevo, a great way to keep fit.

The name of this workout, Matevo, derived from the words “mathematics” and “evolutionary”, on which the inventor David Bartholomew Bertinetto has developed the discipline and the Matevo, in fact, is based on certain formulas in degrees to regulate increasing load and macronutrients necessary for the construction of a new muscle tissue.

This method of training involves all muscle groups and, unlike many exercises that stress the body in extreme ways, the structure of the training Matevo gradually increasing the load gradually and, in fact, is able to ensure the long-term outcome, of course, if accompanied by a natural and healthy.

Just the fact that workouts are performed with a workload gradually, accidents are very rare: all exercises of the method Matevo never push too much or ligaments or joints, muscles both more fragile and therefore slow recovery accidents. Learn more about dysport vs botox which is better

Matevo the method is structured in cycles during which the annual workload of the muscles increases, are also planned rest periods to cool down the body and mind. Another fundamental principle of the method Matevo is that the program is based on an operating base from which to start, then, all the exercises. The basic exercise is to relax on a bench with a barbell on which loads can then be established based on some percentage calculations.

How specific Bertinetto its inventor, the method should be followed Matevo for a couple of years before arriving at a considerable muscular development, not just for the fun of having muscles, but also for the health, explains, in fact, the same Bertinetto :

He pointed out that the method has not only aesthetic purposes, but is primarily directed to health. It is a real anti-aging therapy that works primarily on the hormonal profile of the person who submits to them.

It is the frequency of training? The time for the weights should not exceed three times a week with ten minutes of aerobic activity at the beginning and end.

DIY masks for perfect skin

For those suffering from skin problems, here are the Masks DIY for perfect skin: these masks are great for people who love natural products. Obviously, a point not to be underestimated is the savings: the masks in question in fact, you can create with ingredients that many of you have at home. Fruits, vegetables, flour, yoghurt Here is the best way to care for and pamper your skin.

Pineapple MASK AND ALMOND: 60 grams of pineapple puree combined with 60 grams of almonds for a smoothing effect. Application time: 15 minutes.

ALMOND MASK: For a soothing and nourishing effect, mix 1 egg yolk, a tablespoon of cream, 1 tablespoon of almond oil and 3 tablespoons of ground almonds. Application time: 20 minutes.

PUMPKIN MASK: excellent for oily skin, Add 4 tablespoons of chopped pumpkin with cream and 2 tablespoons of honey 3. Application time: 10 minutes. For the same problem are also effective a mask of mashed pears or honey and lemon mixed.

MASK CHERRY: to obtain a glowing skin and revitalized, pureed or mashed 150 grams of cherries, unite them with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and applied without posing 15 minutes.

APPLE MASK: wrinkle, is obtained by whipping an apple peeled and cut into slices with 4 tablespoons of fresh cream.

YOGURT MASK: detergent and suitable for all skin types, is obtained by mixing 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt with 1 tablespoon of whole rice or potato starch. Application time: 15 minutes.

HONEY MASK: an excellent remedy for after-sun, mix 3 tablespoons of honey with a lemon and 20 grams of glycerin. Application time: 15 minutes.

KIWI MASK: The Kiwis crushed pulp is used to lighten skin spots. Application time: 20 minutes.

CARROT MASK: combining 50 grams of grated carrot to the same amount of wheat germ oil for a super nourishing effect. Application time: 30 minutes