Larry Grossman’s Show Now Available at

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Larry Grossman’s You Can Bet On It! is now in its 15th season, and you can listen to all the shows at The shows are archived for your online listening pleasure. Each live show is available in the archives within 15 minutes of broadcast. Join the veteran broadcast anchor of Las Vegas talk radio fame on as he interviews professionals in poker, sports handicapping, and casino gaming. Recent guests have included Howard Schwartz, the owner of the Gambler’s Book Shop; Card Player President Jeff Shulman; Lem Banker, perhaps the world’s most famous football handicapper; Chuck Sippl, senior editor of the Gold Sheet, football handicapper, and Card Player columnist; and tournament poker player Diego Cordovez. Part of the Wednesday broadcast is always dedicated to poker, so be sure to listen to the last half of the show for poker-related guests and topics. The entire 14th season is in the archives, so you can listen to shows featuring interviews with Paul Phillips, Doug Dalton, Mike Sexton, “Sugar” Ray Leonard, and many others. (You’ll need RealPlayer to listen. There’s a link to download the player if you don’t have it.)


Card Player Europe to Debut


Card Player Magazine is proud to announce the launch of its European edition. Jesse May, the European “Voice of Poker,” will be the European bureau chief. Card Player Europe will be distributed free in major poker rooms throughout Europe starting this September.


The European edition will be a monthly publication. Advertising will be sold separately from the U.S. version, enabling advertisers to target European readers with their products, services, and announcements. Card Player Europe will feature extensive European tournament coverage, including photos and event-by-event accounts, as well as information about upcoming competitions.


Card Player Europe will also include game tips, feature stories, player profiles, monthly columns, guest commentary, and much more, all aimed at the European audience.


May is uniquely suited for his position. He was the host and lead commentator of the UK television hit Late Night Poker Online Pkv Games Poker through all of its six seasons. An accomplished poker player and writer in his own right, May will bring credibility and European perspective to the magazine’s coverage of poker lifestyles and happenings.


May, a resident of Copenhagen, Denmark, has been the most visible figure in European poker for nearly a decade. He served as a commentator for series one through three of Sky Sports Poker Million, along with Challenge TV’s Celebrity Poker Club and the Paddy Power Poker Tournament.


As a writer, May has reported extensively about European poker through his popular columns on the Internet site The Good Gambling Guide. He has covered the World Series of Poker for the last four years for a number of media outlets, including Sporting Life and Ladbrokes; he also wrote the poker novel Shut Up and Deal and the travel guidebook The Gambler’s Guide to the World. He is currently at work on a book about the birth of Las Vegas.