Kansas eyeing casino expansion with w88club

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Earlier this month, the casino review board of the U.S. state of Kansas selected Peninsula Gaming to construct and operate a casino in southern Kansas, near Mulvane. Peninsula was competing with Global Gaming for the contract, but the board voted 6-1 in favor of Peninsula.


Peninsula Gaming plans to erect a $260 million casino called the Kansas Star. The casino would take four years to reach its final phase. They would open an interim casino in February 2012 in a building that will include casino games, horse racing, a convention center and more. That interim casino would include 32 table games and 1,310 slot machines with w88club. When the permanent casino opens in January 2013, it will include a hotel, restaurant and large poker room as well.


Before the deal is official, the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission will conduct a thorough screening of Peninsula Gaming and all of its employees. They must give the okay before Peninsula is awarded the 15-year contract from the state.


If the commission is conducting background investigations on Peninsula Gaming, they are likely going to look into the recent scandal in Iowa. Back in October, Peninsula’s president, Martin Brent Stevens, and another executive, Jonathan Swain, were charged with making illegal campaign contributions to Governor Chet Culver’s failed re-election campaign. According to the indictment, the executives violated Iowa’s disclosure rules by making contributions in someone else’s name. The contributions, not surprisingly, came as Peninsula was bidding for a contract to build a casino in Fort Dodge, Iowa.


In addition to the new casino to be built in Mulvane, two state lawmakers have drafted a bill to bring a new casino to southeast Kansas and slot machines to a dog track that is currently closed. The bill would reduce the required casino investment from $225 million to $100 million.


Nevada approves sports betting appw88club


Want to legally place a bet on a sporting event within the U.S. state of Nevada? There’s an app for that. The Nevada Caming Commission has approved a smartphone application that would allow players to engage in sports betting using their mobile phones.


The app, designed by the Leroy Group, lets Nevada residents place sports bets on their Blackberry phone. Only the Blackberry app has been approved so far, with the Android app pending approval. The key roadblock to approval was the need to convince the Gaming Commission that the app’s technology was sufficient to verify that the person using the phone was actually physically located within the state of Nevada when placing the bet. That is important because sports betting is illegal in most U.S. states.


The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 makes it illegal to use a phone or “wire communication facility” to place an interstate or international bet on any sporting event or contest. That makes any online sports betting illegal if it crosses state lines, because that would make it subject to the federal “interstate” law. With the activity confined to Nevada’s borders, though, the federal Wire Act lacks jurisdiction in Nevada.


John English, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Public Affairs for American Wagering, who was involved with the project, is excited that the gambling app was approved. “The Nevada regulators placed significant challenges on American Wagering to provide a means of offering account wagering on a mobile device whereby we could verify that the bettor was in the state,” he said. He then triumphantly added that “we rose to the challenge and succeeded.”


Laws and regulations often build upon other laws and regulations. What starts as something small snowballs into something much larger, for better or worse. That being the case, allowing online gambling via a sports betting app may pave the way for Nevada to allow all forms of online sports betting and, eventually, all forms of online gambling. It may take some time, but government regulations rarely stay where they started. They tend to branch out and expand. Doing so in this case could help Nevada become the major online gambling hub for the United States.