Casino Cbet Poker Divas

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One of the things about poker that never fails to surprise me is the sexualizing of some of the female players, for example Liz Lieu. Poker may have a background story of seedy salons and rootin-tootin-shootin players with ladies of the night on their knee, but that image has changed significantly.


Poker’s become a game that focuses mostly on the mind. It seems to be open-minded and has players of all races and backgrounds. So it seems almost hilarious that when it comes to female players, magazines and websites are focusing on, for example, Liz Lieu’s looks. I’m not picking on her in particular – she’s an attractive young woman – but her website has a gallery of photos of her in seductive poses.


For poker? Well, I suppose that’s better than seductive poses by, say, the great Doyle Brunson. But Liz is a brilliant player, and I’d think that would be the focus instead of on her being a sexy diva, talking about the clothing designers she likes.


At any rate, there are always celebrities like Dennis Rodman to pull a diva act in a WPT 5-person charity tournament (from Nov 2004). Seems Dennis threw his cards in upside down but didn’t realize that meant he was folding. When the Casino Cbet host tried to explain, Rodman threw a hissy fit and stormed off. He came back a bit later on, but the other 4 participants (Kevin Nealon, Mekhi Phifer, Neil Patrick Harris, Matthew Perry) were just as scared of him as when the game started. Gotta admit, the Rodman was pretty sour-faced the whole game, and I was glad to see him go out in 5th place. The tension at the table was visibly reduced.


Sorry D, I used to like you – even designed my tattoo after yours – but your act is growing tired – fake or not. You’re a great b-ball player but a terrible poker player. I hope you never appear on my TV (or computer screen) in another poker match again.