Bait and Switch slot hoki

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I’m tired and cranky and I blame Ultimate Bet. I’m a regular in the scheduled tournaments there and they’re usually good money, but last night they really pissed me off.

In what was probably a mistake on their part, they set up an incredible bargain.

At 8:00 they had 2 tournaments set to go slot hoki at once. Both of them $30+3. One was an $8K guaranteed the other $2.5K. Because one of them had the much larger payout it was attracting all the buyers and the smaller one was PURE GOLD!

By 7:45 the 2.5K had only 22 players, remember it’s only a 33 dollar buyin, so it was almost a sure bet for a big cash. I was seated and ready to go. That’s a really late start for me so I would only be willing to play a smaller event on a Wednesday night, and this WAS PERFECT. I kept a running tally of the entrants with BOY GENIUS on the Yahoo! IM.

Then, at 7:55 something happened. My table CLOSED!, and I was dumped into the bigger game, along with 400 other players.

Now, granted, I understand why UB would want to do that. Neither guaranteed tourney would generate a pool big enough to afford the guaranteed payout. The smaller one was a terrible deal for them. BUT THERE WAS NEVER AN ANNOUNCED MINIMUM for the game. Thus, this was an UNFAIR bait and switch.

I sent an e-mail to that effect to UB. They never responded. So I cashed out.

They can blow me! I’m back on party.

By the way, AL and IGGY are right…THE BAD BEAT JACKPOT tables at Party Poker are FREE MONEY! I played the 2/4 game almost literally all day yesterday and cashed out UP 100BB. Not bad.

I suppose many of these jackpot chasin’ fish aren’t used to limit games and are captivated by the relatively low amount of risk invoved in chasing after the flop…another 4 bucks..what the hell!

As a rule, any good hand will be called through the river with at least 2 players holding any combination of overcards…and you can guarantee any player there with A-x is in for at least the flop. You have my word folks…there is not easier money ANYWHERE!

So…UB can go to hell.

G-Rob OUT!