All Africa QQWIN99 Tournament

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The winner of the All Africa Poker Tournament wins a Million Rand and a seat in the World Series of Poker main event. Last year that title and that WSOP seat went to Raymond Rahme and he went on to place 3rd at the WSOP and add $3 Million US to his poker bankroll.

Raymond did not repeat his win at the AAPT this past week, he did place in the money and win 80,000 Rand. The new All Africa Champion is Greg Ronaldson, who at 24 years of age has ambitions next year to repeat or better the outstanding performance at the 2007 World Series of Poker of previous champion Rahme.

The All Africa event has held at Piggs Peak Casino in Swaziland; billed as the richest poker tournament on the Africa continent, this year three QQWIN99 seats were awarded. Second place finisher, Michael Simoes will also be traveling to Las Vegas next summer, as will third place winner Daniel Callighan. The rest of the televised final table included Peter Kortleve, Jaco Mouton, Jaco Storm, Clyde Sham, Barry Shum, Hennie Appel and Andre Clark.

There is one more chance to win the All Africa title and participate in the 2008 WSOP, as the 12th edition of the tournament will be taking place February 28 to March 2, 2008 at Piggs Peak Casino.

Poker Forum Invitation

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Hole Card Camera for Online Final Tables

Several online poker sites are going to show the hole cards of final table players in their bigger events. There are several reasons for this and several mechanisms for revealing the hole cards.

The first reason, that no online site is going to admit to, is security. After the fiasco at Absolute Poker last month, everyone wants to be bending over backwards to make it clear to the online players that everything is fair and secure. What better way to do that then to show every player’s hole cards.

Now the “reason” the online site are giving is that it makes following a final table more interesting but that runs into a snag because you cannot show the hole cards in real time. (If you don’t know why, stop reading now!). So the hole card reveal must be on some type of delay, which takes some of the fun out of watching the final table live. The WSOP encountered the same issues with its ill-fated Sequestrium this past summer.

So either the entire final table is shown with hole cards after the table play is complete OR there is some type of delay. The problem with just a delay is that players still at the final table can get information on how another player is playing hands in nearly real time.

So far the only sites using the hole card reveal are doing it with a delay until after the event is concluded, which takes us back to our original argument about this being all about security and very little about entertainment for the cyber-railbirds.