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China moves against WhatsApp rivals

China’s censorship authorities are intensifying action against smartphone apps that can send text messages with which. The focus is on the extremely popular application in China WeChat how the state news agency Xinhua reported on Tuesday. The mobile program is similar to the international market leader WhatsApp. Behind the messaging app is the Chinese Internet company Tencent. According to the company WeChat & WeChat For PC has over 355 million active users. The majority of them live in the People’s Republic, where services such as Facebook and Twitter are blocked .

WeChat1_0Even traditional media such as television and newspapers are censored in China. WeChat has therefore been developed for many users to alternative to possible unfiltered get information. The Chinese leadership is bothered by it: “Some people use the platform to spread negative or illegal information,” one of the leaders of the new censorship action said, according to the state news agency China News Service. According to Xinhua serve the step to combat “hostile forces at home and abroad.”

In March, Chinese authorities closed several WeChat accounts, via the non-approved political opinions and information has been disseminated. The current concerted action should last for a month and found mainly critical users who achieve a high reach with their message. WeChat operators Tencent did not comment on the move by the authorities first.

It was only in February, the leadership had in Beijing announced the creation of a new authority for Internet Security announced on the tip of which President Xi Jinping sat. Observers evaluated the step as an expression of fear that millions of Chinese would come up with ideas in contact on the net that could threaten the communist system.

The episode that We have all been waiting for – The simpsons and familyguy crossover episode

The simpsons and familyguy crossover episode

A day after it was declared the Griffins would befriend the Simpsons, Fox has released pictures from your Family Guy crossover episode, “The Simpsons Guy, ” which will air this Fall. Since first appearing on television in 1989, “The Simpsons” managed to get Cartoon Daddy Homer Simpson’s buzzword “d’oh! ” into the Oxford English Dictionary, created a multi-billion dollar merchandising empire, inspired critics to call Homer, wife Marge and kids Bart, Lisa and Maggie America’s first family of TV and spawned a raft of other primetime animated series, including “Family Guy. ” FOX announced on Thursday (July 18) that a Fall 2014 episode of “Family Guy” will find the Griffins traveling to Springfield and meeting The Simpsons.

MacFarlane guest starred on The Simpsons season finale in May, when he voiced Ben, a charming married man who met Marge. In the credits of Homerland, families from other fox shows can be seen, including Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show. Family Guy–Parents Television Council Family TV Guide Show Page” ParentsTV. org Parents Television Council Retrieved 2007-05-20 “Although the show is intended to be a satire of the American family, it depends heavily on oblique sexual innuendo and sexual themes.