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Criminologist Warns Against Competing WhatsApp

Many users are just looking for an alternative to WhatsApp Messenger, but before competing application Kik Messenger “warns the criminologist Thomas Gabriel Ruediger.

Especially minors should avoid this Messenger. Because this would disproportionately often used by potential sex offenders to make contact with children and young people. This is also clear from the user comments in Google’s Play Store, which often deal with the app, but are more like a dating platform.

In the past there were on different platforms, which are mostly frequented by younger users, cases in which adults abused the supposed anonymity to come in clear intention in contact with minors. This is now also at Kik so, since this provides ideal conditions the system, as Rüdiger against the weekly newspaper The time executed.

So the Messenger is predominantly used by teenagers – to not only communicate with friends, but also to establish new contact. There is also in contrast to WhatsApp a higher degree of anonymity. So here is for example not the mobile number or any other feature that would assign a person identification.

In addition, according to the criminologists a combination of Kik with Instagram. On the photo-platform, it has become that teenagers invite other users who find it interesting to chat in the Messenger. This request is often followed. By the fashion to fill the galleries with their own so-called Selfies, here of course older the opportunity to target specific younger users.

In Australia, the police has filed the kik for mac was the case last year as the current biggest problem in the social media area. In Germany the authorities are lagging in analyzes and countermeasures still behind. Rüdiger therefore recommends especially the parents, to raise their children accordingly.

Download And Practice the latest Microsoft browser.

Internet Explorer 10: Final version for all is here

With Windows 8 Microsoft follows the current trend away from inpatient and towards the mobile operating system. With Internet Explorer 10 the software giant presents the corresponding version of the in-house browser.


The biggest news: In Windows 8 comes in two versions of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 10: Final version of Windows 7 is here

As of now, the final version of Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is available for users with Windows 7 download. So far the latest Microsoft browser Windows 8 users was reserved. Compared to Internet Explorer 9, the manufacturer promises faster page views and better protection of privacy thanks to “Do-not-track feature. The only requirement: You must have installed one for Windows 7 Service Pack. On the Metro interface and functions of the Internet Explorer For Mac You must dispense with the previous operating system, however, this shall be the exclusive Windows 8.

The most important new features Microsoft has put together a blog post. Thus, the IE10 spread quickly, Microsoft has announced plans to distribute the new browser on the automatic update feature on all Windows 7 users – and that’s according to the manufacturer proud 700 million PC users. You do not want to wait?

Then download the Internet Explorer now Download. For older Windows versions of IE10, however, does not appear – you still use Vista, you have to make do with the Internet Explorer 9. For computers with Windows XP when IE8 is final.

The biggest news: In Windows 8 comes in two versions of Internet Explorer. In addition to the classic desktop version that is similar to the previous version (IE9), there is a Metro app – optimized for touch screens. This version of the browser starts in full screen mode and initially shows no controls. The bar of all open tabs (“Tabs) appears with a swipe at the top of the screen. With a wipe from the bottom, open the address bar. Microsoft wants Windows 8 to be sufficiently present with on mobile devices. To demonstrate the potential of the touch controls, Microsoft has released a special test page on the web. Alternatively, you control the page using the mouse.

In view of the special requirements for mobile use Microsoft abandoned in an earlier trial on the integration of some functions, such as Adobe Flash. However, in order to ensure maximum compatibility in the network, see the current version of a stripped down version of the platform for the presentation of interactive and multimedia content.

Furthermore, the Metro version of IE10 waives the support of ActiveX controls and other plugins.

Microsoft and Adobe have worked closely and firmly integrated Flash in Internet Explorer. Updates come via Windows Update. Microsoft has not taken all flash functions in the mobile app. In a blog entry called Microsoft criteria for inclusion of Flash Websites in a compatibility list to ensure the best Flash experience. Meets the requirements of a website does not, the browser in the desktop version. The features full Flash support.

However, this can result in significant security problems. Since the Internet Explorer 10 is a special version of Flash in use, Microsoft provides the update and not the manufacturer Adobe. If not behind Microsoft, security patches reach the IE10 only belatedly. Already in the preview of Windows 8 there was such a incident. Only after massive protests and three-week delay, the Group delivered an important update for the Flash Player.

Dumpster: App stores private Snapchat videos

Snapchat pour PCThe free app Snapchat pour pc enables users pictures chat in real time. All photos and videos that are sent about one to ten seconds are visible to the receiver. Then they will be deleted and can no longer be called. At least, this promises the developer of the app. , the commitment that all images and videos are erased after a short time, lets many users forget their caution. They trust and therefore often send unsuspecting intimate or unfavorable pictures of yourself.

Restore Snapchat videos

The sent files are not longer accessible after a few seconds in Snapchat pc. In air, but does not dissolve: Reacts contact time, it can, for example, make a screenshot of the received image and save it that way. The transmitter is indeed informed in this case over but can not do anything.

But not only photos but also videos you can recover – at least on Android devices: The free app Dumpster for example, stores received Snapchat videos from the cache. Start dumpster it will show the last private clips. Tap the file and select “Preview” from, you can play them as often as you want. Therefore, you should think twice about what content you send your contacts via Snapchat.

Official: BlackBerry Messenger will be available on September 22 on pc

On his blog , BlackBerry announces release date for BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone, its messaging solution. It was not until September 22 at 0:01. CrackBerry had good news earlier in the day . iOS 6 will be required at minimum, iOS 7 will also be supported. BBM will appear that way on the iPhone and iPad. The Canadian brand had already explained this choice noting that users are mobile today. Therefore, use of smartphone is more appropriate.

BBMIn terms of features, BBM Chat will of course present. This is nothing less than instant messaging, like iMessage or WhatsApp. iOS, Android and BlackBerry can receive messages from each platform without any worries. The user can send photos or even voice memos to contacts directly from their smartphone. The cat with many also being introduced. 30 people can communicate together in one common conversation.
Beyond the classic conversation BBM PC brings customization. Its status can be changed just as his profile picture. Finally, based on a BBM PIN to find and accept his contacts. Indeed, phone number or email address is not required. The PIN is a series of numbers and letters to 6 characters.
See you on September 22 at midnight and one minute for the application on his iPhone. Note that BlackBerry has not kept his promise. The output should be “this summer.” Or we will fall from 22 But this is no big deal in the end, only the quality of the application will be taken into account.

How the Islamic state bypasses censorship on social networks

iscartFor months, the fighters of the Islamic state have made ??social media , and especially Twitter , one of their main channels of propaganda. But after the release of large numbers of video of the murder of American journalist James Foley, the network office has made ??in recent days to the household from these profiles.

If several dozen affiliate accounts to the Islamic state, sometimes disseminating extremely violent images, there are still active, many users have been blocked by the network, prompting jihadist find alternative ways to disseminate their messages. Their preference was to Diaspora. Several hundred accounts were created for four days by members or sympathizers of the Islamic state on this social network.

Difficulties censor network

Diaspora, launched in 2010, wants to take the floor against social networks like Facebook and Chaturbate: where it concentrates and manages itself all data from its users, Diaspora is completely decentralized.

Each user can join a “pod” of Diaspora: each node is installed on managed separately by contributors servers. Thus, the data are scattered and not all concentrated in the hands of a giant that operates through advertising.

But this great idea has the effect of making the removal of content much more difficult than when the data are under the control of a single actor. It is necessary that each owner of a “pod” itself proceeds to the removal of content, according to its own rules, those of the community and, ultimately, the laws of his country.

A fairly effective procedure

Most accounts of fighters EI initially identified and in this list were then removed. Information confirmed by the director of a leading “pod” hosted in France . But Christophe Gallaire, photographer and regular user of the social network, having alerted early on the arrival of the IU on the social network, somewhat qualifies this statement:

“Some accounts have been preserved by the directors, and others did not publicly released. Some continue to discuss the use of a Chaturbate Token Hack in private. “

Real Racing 3 is seen add new fastest cars

68960Electronic Arts continues to improve its racing game Real Racing 3 with a new update. The game was released there over a year already and that does not stop EA to bring over and always something new over time. This is a good point for players who earn new several times a year.

In this case, Real Racing 3 there will be added the “Open Wheelers.” The Caterham Seven 620R, the KTM X-Bow R, the Ariel Atom 3.5 and the Ariel Atom V8 doing their arrival, they have the advantage of being light and above all fast. In the aftermath, the Porsche 911 RSR (2014) Hyundai Veloster Turbo and are also made available.

Le Mans will also be a factor to consider in this update. “Get ready for the show of endurance most prominent race in the world with this special live event,” says EA. You can unlock customizations limited edition and official decorations of the Porsche 911 RSR (2014).

Hyundai Veloster Turbo Competition Time Trial lets you win a trip to Italy and any new Community objectives to unlock customization options. Speaking of customization, new options are added with new vinyl packs and new photographic filters. Finally, it is possible to go visit friends and rivals and watch their cars and customizations.

Real Racing 3 hack for ios is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. It includes integrated non-compulsory purchases. But Electronic Arts hope the players take some to always make more money.

FaceTime Problems: Apple pushes to switch to iOS 7

FaceTimeFacetime News

Since April 16, many iPhone users can no longer make calls with the phone app FaceTime. As Apple was now known, there is only a transition to the current operating system iOS 7

FaceTime is a popular app for Apple’s iPhone. Thus, video and since the introduction of iOS also 7 audio-only calls can lead free on the internet. Originally, Apple has developed the function for the iPhone 4, but now are owners of these older devices are major problems if you still use an earlier version of Apple’s mobile operating system. As the company is now in a post help conceded introduces on April 16, expired certificate means that for FaceTime for PC no connections can produce more. When trying only the message “FaceTime Failed” is displayed.


Apple pushes for iOS Update

The reported from Cupertino solution may sound reassuring: Already iOS 7.0.4 or 6.1.6 to the FaceTime bug be fixed. The catch: users of an iPhone 4, because of the known performance penalty associated with the new operating system have so far preferred to stay at iOS 6, does not come to the saving version 6.1.6 – this is in fact, according to Apple’s system requirements for iPhone Veteran 3GS and iPod touch (4th generation) is available.

Check iOS version

And it gets even worse: Start FaceTime calls any more, it does not have to be on your own device. Also on the iPhone of the interlocutor must run according to Apple at least the version mentioned above. Therefore, First check in the settings under General and info in “Version”, which software uses your iPhone. Is this new enough, tell your interlocutor. Have you though with a “7″ incipient version but not 7.0.4, you should upgrade to the latest version 7.1.1. What you do with iTunes or on the device with typists, General, Software Update and install now. iPhone 4 users with iOS 6 are, however, probably not a switch around to Version 7. Unless you waive FaceTime and use another app, such as the free Skype by Microsoft.

China moves against WhatsApp rivals

China’s censorship authorities are intensifying action against smartphone apps that can send text messages with which. The focus is on the extremely popular application in China WeChat how the state news agency Xinhua reported on Tuesday. The mobile program is similar to the international market leader WhatsApp. Behind the messaging app is the Chinese Internet company Tencent. According to the company WeChat & WeChat For PC has over 355 million active users. The majority of them live in the People’s Republic, where services such as Facebook and Twitter are blocked .

WeChat1_0Even traditional media such as television and newspapers are censored in China. WeChat has therefore been developed for many users to alternative to possible unfiltered get information. The Chinese leadership is bothered by it: “Some people use the platform to spread negative or illegal information,” one of the leaders of the new censorship action said, according to the state news agency China News Service. According to Xinhua serve the step to combat “hostile forces at home and abroad.”

In March, Chinese authorities closed several WeChat accounts, via the non-approved political opinions and information has been disseminated. The current concerted action should last for a month and found mainly critical users who achieve a high reach with their message. WeChat operators Tencent did not comment on the move by the authorities first.

It was only in February, the leadership had in Beijing announced the creation of a new authority for Internet Security announced on the tip of which President Xi Jinping sat. Observers evaluated the step as an expression of fear that millions of Chinese would come up with ideas in contact on the net that could threaten the communist system.

The episode that We have all been waiting for – The simpsons and familyguy crossover episode

The simpsons and familyguy crossover episode

A day after it was declared the Griffins would befriend the Simpsons, Fox has released pictures from your Family Guy crossover episode, “The Simpsons Guy, ” which will air this Fall. Since first appearing on television in 1989, “The Simpsons” managed to get Cartoon Daddy Homer Simpson’s buzzword “d’oh! ” into the Oxford English Dictionary, created a multi-billion dollar merchandising empire, inspired critics to call Homer, wife Marge and kids Bart, Lisa and Maggie America’s first family of TV and spawned a raft of other primetime animated series, including “Family Guy. ” FOX announced on Thursday (July 18) that a Fall 2014 episode of “Family Guy” will find the Griffins traveling to Springfield and meeting The Simpsons.

MacFarlane guest starred on The Simpsons season finale in May, when he voiced Ben, a charming married man who met Marge. In the credits of Homerland, families from other fox shows can be seen, including Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show. Family Guy–Parents Television Council Family TV Guide Show Page” ParentsTV. org Parents Television Council Retrieved 2007-05-20 “Although the show is intended to be a satire of the American family, it depends heavily on oblique sexual innuendo and sexual themes.